Friday, March 4, 2011

Health, positivity, organization, efficiency!

I am focusing of positive words today. I am a firm believer in our power to co-create our own reality, and I am willing to take responsibility for the situations I've created lately and, especially, for my response to them.

Today I could be overwhelmed by the long list of things to do (many of which are not my forte as they involve organizing, de-cluttering, etc), but I am choosing to focus on the life I WANT to live, the person I WANT to be, and I'm telling you... New Adult Reality me ROCKS.

The best part of this day so far is that L2 is feeling so well and did not have an elevated temperature this morning. The appointment with the specialist yesterday went very well and he did not think we needed to do an ultrasound to check her spleen (it reduced a lot from Tuesday to Thursday!). He left us with the option to do two blood tests (for EBV and CMV), so we are going to think about it and watch her progress over the weekend to decide. These would simply confirm that one of those viruses is causing her mono, but there is no medication or anything else besides rest that can be used to make it better, so the tests would be for information only, not as a basis for treatment (and therefore optional).


A good friend from church also put us in touch with a highly recommended alternative cures person (she's a massage therapist, reikki master an  jin shin juytsu practitioner), so I hope we can find some natural ways to strengthen her immune system.

Ok, I am off to continue a wonderful morning of laundry (yaay), going through boxes of stuff brought over from my mother in law's apartment (woo hoo), and going through paper piles so we can get rid of an old desk (cowabunga!!!). And, yes, I will be enjoying COFFEE and something COOKED while I do so!

Happy day to you!

PS. Hubby and I are having a date tonight, I told him I want to go someplace where they "cook the crap out of everything"

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