Sunday, March 13, 2011

Days 4 & 5, Note to Self: Stop promising to post photos the next day

Allright! So far so good, although the last two days have had their challenges.
First of all, I must apologize to whomever might be reading because I promised to post photos on Saturday and I didn't even turn on the computer.

Since I promised photos, here are a couple of our newest creation. The photos are bad because I took them with my built in camera (I didn't want to complicate things using the real camera, which usually entails 1. finding batteries for the camera, 2. taking the photos and feeling frustrated over my lack of talent and imagination for taking any sort of photo, 3. finding the cord, 4. plugging the camera to the computer and waiting for about 600 photos to upload because even though I thought I downloaded the photos from the latest trip or event, I didn't really, 5. deciding which photos to post, and 6. adding them to the blog)

So I bought some Flackers the other day... no, that's not a dirty joke, that's the brand name of these flax seed crackers for raw foodies ($6+ for a 6oz box, ouch!), and we had already found some recipes for them on the internet, so we decided to try them. Loren made a batch with mustard, then I tried a batch with just garlic and salt. We are still experimenting so I won't post a recipe just yet, but here are some photos:

Mustard kind

Garlic and salt kind (yes I'm wearing a scarf, no, it's not that cold in our house, I'm just cold and my body temp is slightly elevated, who knows why)

My husband would like to share a bit of his experience with this fast:

Hi, This is Loren. I just had a huge BM. The color is odd and it looks like it may be from a baby's diaper - if the baby ate alot of sunflower seeds. Feeling good though. Don't miss coffee anymore and the headaches subsided after only a few days. The addition of yummy crunchy things like the flax seed crackers have made life easier.

I'm back... I have a pressing game of Chutes and Ladders to play right now, but will be back soon!

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  1. I seriously LAUGHED OUT LOUD at Loren's imput. I could hear his voice and it just made me crack up! I know he was smiling when he wrote that!