Sunday, March 27, 2011

Day 18, One month blogging anniversary! (How to deal with temptation and an improved sense of smell)

It's hard to believe it has already been a month since I published my first post.
I really thought it was going to be different. I thought I would make videos for most of the posts because I didn't think I would want to write them (since I tend to want to go back and revise my writing, which hasn't happened). I also thought that most of the posts would be about how hard it was to resist temptation and why am I doing this anyway and look at Loren flaunting how easy it is for him and I am learning how to make all these amazing elaborate raw versions of real life stuff and crap! all this suffering for naught because I am not really losing weight!

Obviously things have not been like that at all.

I also didn't expect to be dealing with L2's health troubles or how much this diet would actually HELP ME in dealing with them!

I have been surprised by how much I enjoy my blogging time every day and, most of all, I have been blown away by the response I've received. Several friends are seriously thinking about trying this diet, many have said they find the posts funny, and quite a few have said I inspire them *sigh*!

I feel so blessed in so many ways!

Now to share more specific things, today was full of temptations, everything around me smelled and looked amazing (at home, thankfully not at the grocery store), cooking for the girls tonight was particularly painful and I have to confess after serving L2 the last bite of her shrimp in garlic sauce I licked the spoon!!

I didn't eat very much today, after doing the juice fast yesterday it was like it took me a while to really understand that I could, indeed, EAT today, and I just didn't feel like eating what I COULD eat, so I just didn't eat much at all.

Everyone has their way of dealing with temptation, for me moderation just doesn't work. I am more the alcoholic anonymous type, it's better for me not to even be near that first drink. When I feel tempted (or just plain ol' sick of raw food) I say a prayer in my head --sometimes asking for strength or guidance, but mostly saying thank you for all the food I have available, for all my blessings, or for something very specific and very NOT food (if I need to get something out of my head, like those pesky loud tortilla chips)-- and then I walk away and distract myself with some other activity. If I am actually HUNGRY (which, surprisingly still does not happen very often!) then I drink a glass of juice or water with a scoop of protein drink mix (I know, I know) and move on to the next activity.

Something else that has helped me a lot with this (and in every area of my life) is meditating on a regular basis, I will probably do a separate post on this, but I just want to say that I recommend it more than any other discipline, especially if it is combined with or used as a kind of prayer (I call it "preditating").

One last note, Loren told me yesterday that he has discovered a wonderful side effect of this diet, his sense of smell has improved exponentially! He says he can smell things from farther away, stronger, and with more detail. I think it means that the diet has balanced his hormones and the hormones are improving his sense of smell. I say that because when I was pregnant  my whole body seemed to work better and my sense of smell was worthy of a super hero. I could smell a loaf of rye bread inside a sealed plastic bag inside the kitchen cabinet from OUTSIDE of the apartment, I am not exaggerating.

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