Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Day 8, I can't have French Onion Soup, but I can have white wine!

Today was a good day. God is very good to me.

I am trying to decide what is the best story to share because, well, I served myself from the box o' wine in the fridge three times (small, cheap IKEA wine glasses, not filled all the way of course, not really enough to get me Drunk drunk but...) and I haven't eaten at all today, so I am having trouble typing properly (and I don't completely trust the spell chek).

I'll start with the random visit from The Angel. I was working at district court today, traffic court (does not get any less sexy than this) and the guy I was interpreting for DID NOT GET IT. The prosecutors were bending over backwards to give him a GREAT deal but the guy did not want to take any responsibility for his actions (THIRD DUI!!!) and just didn't get it. I found myself being greatly amused by my ego's catty remarks after every line I interpreted.

Attorney: This is the Guilty Plea Form you have to sign, let's go over the questions: Do yo know you have the right to remain silent?

Me: Este es el formularion que usted tiene que firmar en su declaración de culpabilidad. ¿Sabe que tiene el derecho de quedarse callado?

Guy: Si, si, yo admito que yo estaba manejando borracho, no lo niego, ¿para qué le miento? Es la verdad, y no tenía licencia, no la puedo sacar porque estoy aquí sin papeles, pero todo el mundo igual maneja así, yo por lo menos tengo aseguransa...
(Yes, yes, I admit I was driving drunk, I won't deny it, why would I lie to you? It's the truth; and I didn't have a license, I can't get one because I am here illegally, but everybody drives like that, I at least have insurance...)

My Ego: You are such a moron!

Etc (this went on for every one of the 20 something questions on that "routine" form)

Finally the attorney went to check on something and asked me to wait (we are out in the hallway in front of the court room), the Moron tries to make conversation, I pretend to be getting a text message on my phone (not only do I not want to make conversation, we, Certified Interpreters,  are not supposed to), then I feel "someone" pull on the back of my suit jacket, right smack in the center of the back edge, on my back, nothing there to pull on it, no one standing behind me. I quickly turned and saw that indeed there was no one, and immediately got it. I was not creeped out, just slightly remorseful. I said a prayer in my head, basically "sorry God for being such an impatient know it all, I should not be making these comments, even if they are just in my head, thanks for the gentle reminder, I'm sorry". Then I went home and told the kids about it.

Now I'm going to tell you sort of a story. I wish I could re-create the dinner I had with the girls today. By the time I got home and faced the never ending "list of things to do and projects yet unfinished" I started feeling a bit, oh, what's the word? Oh yeah, Bitchy.
By 6 I realized I was well on my way to ruining their evening and had already "ruined" mine, so I went to my room to pray and try to get out of my funk. I ended up tapping a few rounds (I know it sounds dirty, but it's EFT, Emotional Freedom Technique, which looks goofy but TOTALLY WORKS (as in, if you were my favorite brother and had just come back from Afghanistan with PTSD, this is the first thing I would recommend) I could not be more serious about this!!). I immediately felt better and went out to get dinner on the table.

Turns out EFT and white wine (did I mention it s RAW, sweet Lord, thank you!) are a great combination. I was much more calm and in particularly rare form with my motherly comedy. We ate salads in between lots of goofy jokes and big belly laughs. This turned out to be an awesome night...

But wait, there's one more story, it's the best one yet...

Earlier in the evening I was already feeling a little crabby and I was pretty annoyed over something or other (I'm sure it was extremely important), I was in the bedroom folding laundry, L2 was reading in the kitchen, and L1 (age 14) was in her room, next door to mine. I heard her suddenly drop what she was doing and purposefully walk into my bedroom, while saying "Oh!" (as in, I just remembered). She came up to me and gave me a big, lingering hug.

She has always been a great hugger, both my kids are, thank God, old ladies at church are always asking for "their" hugs before they leave. She is my height now but about half my girth, so she feels so little, and she has this thick head of healthy, gorgeous hair that usually gets in my face when we hug (now I get what my mom always said about my curls in her face). She smells clean and is warm. Her energy calms me.

Then she lets go and very matter of factly walks back into her room. Halfway there she turns very casually and says "that hug was from Jesus by the way".




Then I went to her room and smacked her on the arm for making me cry.

Update: Please, please go here to read a correction to this post, I really DID eat, what I said up there was a big typo.


  1. I want a little more about EFT, there is a very good EFT teacher that is selling a huge library of resources (including videos where you watch him do the "tapping" so it's very easy to follow). His name is Brad Yates, right now he is letting people choose their own price (until Monday, 21st) and he will donate half the profits to Japan relief efforts. For more info go to

  2. I learned a little about EFT at a conference a few years ago...fascinating stuff!

    I finally took a break from packing and read your blog from the beginning tonight. I'm really enjoying it and am learning from your journey! (Plus, you have a great sense of humor and your personality comes shining through every post.)


  3. "and I don't completely trust the spell chek"