Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Day 7, Drum Roll Please! Weight and inch loss after the first week!

Good day!

Before I get into my measurement numbers, I keep meaning to mention a couple of things. When you do a diet like this, where you are eating very healthy things, mostly in their natural state, you realize (or are reminded of) the following things:

1. We need VERY LITTLE FOOD to have a healthy mind and body. My mind is at least 25% clearer than it was a week ago, and a good 50% clearer than two weeks ago. I am eating portions at least 50% smaller, but don't get hungry nearly as often. My energy level stays constant even with little sleep (4 hours last night), and, remember, no coffee (I was having a big mug with milk and sugar in the morning, and very often another one in the afternoon bought at a fast food place, and containing about the same amount of calories I'm consuming in a whole day now!). So...

1.5 We SPEND MORE but EAT LESS, and when you consider that you do not create as many health problems in your body, you also save on doctor and pharmacy bills, so in the long run YOU SAVE MONEY.

2. We need VERY LITTLE PROTEIN to stay healthy. As a child you probably were taught, as was I, that you had to eat meat every day, and in the USA a "portion" of meat is usually 2-3 times larger than what is healthy. We also eat meat with potatoes, rice or bread, when we should only eat them with raw vegetables (so they will clean out our colon from any meat residues that will just sit there and rot).

3. When your colon is clean enough to ABSORB ALL THE NUTRIENTS in the healthy food you are giving it, then you don't have cravings and you feel less hungry. And...

4. The TEXTURE OF OUR FOOD IS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT to our enjoyment of it. I cannot come up with or find an explanation of why our body would find salty, crunchy things SO irresistible, other than plain ol' garden variety conditioning. But, whatever the reason, our bodies love certain textures and, at least in my case, the foods displaying that texture start speaking to you and jumping out at you at the grocery store (today L1 and I had to go get a few things, including carbs for the ravenous teenager and ALL the chip bags where talking to me, the Pringles practically threw themselves at me, the croutons were screaming from across the isle, the Flavor Blasted Goldfish cheered for me as if in a rock concert as I carefully wheeled the cart past them, and the family size box of Triscuits we got sounded like George Clooney. Strangely, although not crunchy and not yet salted, tonight a cold baked potato started talking using Lou Rawls' voice. Loren ground up the last of the ceviche and the potato was saying "C'mon babeh, you KNOW I'm the perfect vehicle for that ceviche, hhmmmmmmmmmmmm", after I warmed it up for L2 it started singing You'll Never Find Another Love Like Mine, I still have it stuck in my head!). So, thank God for Flackers!!

OK, now, for real

DRUM ROLL, the results are in:

Weight and measurements compared to a week ago:

March 8th                          March 15
Weight 183 lbs                   179 lbs (might have been 178, but I am being conservative)
Bust 39.5"                          38.25"
Waist 35.75"                      34.75"
Hips 43"                             42.25"
Thigh 26.5"                         26.25"

So, according to the tables in my copy of The Zone by Barry Sears (The Zone: A Dietary Road Map to Lose Weight Permanently : Reset Your Genetic Code : Prevent Disease : Achieve Maximum Physical Performance --I find this diet hard to follow but when I tried it in graduate school it helped me a lot, not just physically but also mentally) ...

I have lost:  5.16 lbs of FAT and gained 1.16 lbs of muscle!!!!
(Think of what I could do if I just exercised instead of just talking about it!!) I went from having 34.57% body fat to 32.46%, and we have to remember that I am comparing measurements from a week ago, but I have been eating raw for 6 days.

YAY, Ok, as a congratulatory gift to myself, I am not going to list what I ate today, because, really, it's just tedious and boring, and you are probably also getting really tired of it.

Good night!


  1. Congratulations on making it through your first week... and having lost weight, too!

    Question: does your juicer remove all of the "pulp" from it's victims? I've always heard that just juice is not as nutritionally valuable as the whole fruit or vegetable. This is my rational for not getting a juicer and just grinding up everything in the food processor I already own.

    I am really enjoying your blog! I am so glad you are writing it!

  2. ??I thought i posted a comment!? hmmmm...I am new to this, so maybe i wasn't signed in! :0P
    it IS fun to follow you, and i'm inspired as well...I'd like to investigate more about the muscle gain in just changing diet, so might have to go get the book! keep it up!!

  3. J- I wonder about the juicer too... not to sound ungrateful because we got it as a gift and it is awesome, but I agree that the fiber is necessary.
    However, if you really are looking for Juice juice, or if you don't have the time to sit in front of a strainer trying to get rid of the big stuff, then this juicer is for you!
    PS. I wouldn't rush out and buy one.

  4. Colette, if you order the book using the link on my blog I get... like a WHOLE dollar! woo hoo!
    I would recommend the book, I learned a lot!