Sunday, March 13, 2011

Addition to day 5

OK, Chutes and Ladders was epic!

First of all, I should report that I discovered why the honey mysteriously became liquid again, after being crystallized for weeks... Loren put it in the microwave. Sorry, I too was hoping for a much cooler explanation.

I feel like, for the sake of consistency, I should list what I ate yesterday and today, but yesterday was such a weird day that I am having trouble remembering exactly what I ate!!

I had to take L2 to a cheerleading clinic (I am NOT trying to encourage my 9 year old to become a cheerleader, but she has wanted to do something like it for years and she's already shown that she will grow up to do something amazing like discover the cure for cancer, so, really, how much damage can 2 hours do?), and I had not had breakfast when I realized I had to leave immediately. So I quickly drank a small glass of soy milk (without thinking about the fact that the soy beans were probably cooked, argh!) and took a small glass of OJ with me.

During the clinic I was a bit bored, which normally might have led to some recreational snacking from the concessions, thankfully I just waited it out. Then we went home for a couple of hours to do laundry and house cleaning, and we were drying the home made "Flackers" (Loren said, "so if Ilse makes these, are they Mother Flackers?"). So, I know I had some of those, some ceviche, and Lord only knows what else, because I only stopped to drink a little gazpacho, and the rest of the eating was done as I walked by the kitchen on the way back and forth to chores... I know, I know, not the healthiest way to eat, and definitely not a good way to figure out if you've had enough of the right things!

Then L1 and I had to help set up for a fund raising lunch with the Youth Group at church. So I got to handle food while smelling gooey brownies baking for two hours, THAT was a challenge. Plus, I was silly enough not to bring anything with me (REMEMBER TO A L W A Y S CARRY FOOD WITH YOU), so I had to drink two small glasses of Sprite when my sugar started to drop.

Back at home for the evening I did better with not snacking just for the heck of it, and had a decent size salad for dinner.

Today I had my smoothie for breakfast (thank God for my smoothie, what a great day to start the day off on the right foot!), then had to work the Youth luncheon. I had a small salad and brought home a big tub of lentil soup that I will freeze until Easter (I know! but you should have smelled that soup!). Then at home I had a long string of little things, because I didn't feel hungry enough for a meal, but was wanting "something" and just couldn't figure out what (this is when I should have taken 10 minutes to pray and meditate, but, alas, I just now thought of that). I had some flax crackers, some dried peaches, some dried blueberries in plain yogurt (yummy!), a couple of bites of raw Ramen noodles that L2 was eating (we hardly ever allow our kids to eat that crap -I only bought it to make Asian slaw- so, of course, they beg for it as a treat), and the MSG in the powder made me have even more confused cravings. I drank some water helping it would go away, but no, it is still sort of there in the background.

My goal for the next few days is to be very diligent about giving my body a variety of nutrients from different sources, in case the weird cravings are coming from a lack of something vital.

OK, I'm done for today, but here is the recipe for the ceviche, as I promised. EASY as pie and delicious!

Costa Rican Style Ceviche

Fish (I bought Alaskan Cod, which my Environmental Defense "Pocket Seafood Selector" has on the list of "Best Choices") cut into small bite sized pieces
Chopped onion (how much depends on how much you like it, FYI I cannot eat raw onion because it makes my reflux go crazy, but "cooking" it in the lime takes care of that)
Chopped red pepper (I like lots!)
Cilantro chopped very small
Lime juice enough to cover the other ingredients

Put it in the fridge until the juice makes the fish change color and texture (it will be in fact "cooked" by the acid).
Voila!  Eat on flax crackers or saltines (just not in front of me right now because I love saltines, thanks)

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