Friday, March 25, 2011

Day 17, Fast within a fast

I had a dorm room neighbor in college who had a thick Texan accent, sweet girl, can't remember her name, but she forever re-named matryoshka dolls in our house.
When she saw I had one on my desk she said "Oh, you have one of them doll inside a doll inside a doll dolls!", well today I'm on a fast inside a fast inside a fast fast.

I got an email from the Sojourners asking me to join them for a "month-long campaign of prayer, fasting, and action" because of the many budget cuts being discussed in congress that would hurt the poor in our country and abroad.  I am not explaining it very well, here is a quote:

In addition to cuts to many critical programs that directly impact the lives, and even survival, of the poorest people -- in the U.S. and around the world -- there are now plans to single out the programs that help low-income people and cut them the most.

The campaign asks supporters to contact their congressmen, donate money, pray and fast every Monday in April. So I decided to join them, starting today, by only drinking juice all day and focusing on the needs of others rather than ours (which, with all the family drama, car wrecks and illnesses lately, have been a constant topic of my prayers).
If you would like to join me in this campaign follow this link, I also recommend checking out their site and signing up for the daily Verse and Voice email.

So, today I have only been drinking orange juice with cranberry juice (Pure Cranberry Juice - Knudsen Brand -100% -Unsweetened -From concentrate (1L) Brand: Knudsen) and focusing on taking care of my little girl. She is doing great today, in good spirits, no stomach ache (for the first time in over a week!) and enjoying creative activities. I have been washing her sheets, airing out her comforter (my moon calendar app told me today was a good day to do that, I'm totally serious!) and spraying Lysol on pillows and door knobs.

It's been difficult, I won't deny it. Loren went out to get some things and while he was making the list I asked him to bring orange juice concentrate and a "bag of Easter" so I can finally have some chips. I felt a lot of admiration for Loren yesterday, he was having a really hard time with it all, was extremely sleep deprived, hungry and scared. Every time the doctors would ask for a new test he would have visions of an old time gas pump rolling up the numbers, and all he wanted was comfort food, but he didn't cave. On the way home he got himself a salad and didn't even eat the croutons, I was so proud of him.

It was easier for me; I realize that this raw food diet IS what has been keeping me sane through these experiences. I am so thankful that I don't have to add feeling fat, disliking myself, feeling uncomfortable in my clothes, overeating, bloating, reflux, etc to the challenges that life has thrown our way. 

So I today am trying to stay strong and keep things in perspective. What's an uncomfortable day for me when my little girl has been sick on and off for months? What's a bit of a hunger pang now and then when there are kids right here in KY and all over the world who routinely go to bed hungry (and now the GOP wants to make sure there are more of them)?

Thank you for visiting, I wish you peace, laughter and good food.

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