Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Day 6, Monday Monday, sha LA, la, la la laaaaaaaaa

So, the question in my mind today is...

Did God realize that if He made me write this blog I would have to contend with my tendency to WANT to be really anal retentive (and document everything I eat and drink, including the nutritional value totals for the day) VERSUS my lack of discipline...no, more like lack of interest in wanting to really listen to my anal retentive side, OR did He just want me to share my experience because he knows of some other slightly overweight 40 year old woman out there (with a brain that gets just a little too chatty because of all the caffeine she has to have to get through her busy day) who could benefit from reading about my raw food experiment?

Hmmm, I know what you are thinking...


You are so clever, and so is He, really, never ceases to amaze me.

OK, so do you want to hear about what I ate and drank today? Because I really don't feel like telling you, at least not typing it, but I look way to disheveled right now to make a video (I am NOT going there, I already gave you my REAL weight and measurements, for Pete's sake! let me keep -or at least think that I am keeping- a shred of dignity!!)...

Alright, let's do this, I'm learning that this is one of the biggest challenges of this experiment, being disciplined about keeping track of it all so I can document it all (See "clever" above).

Made my smoothie for breakfast, but one of the frozen strawberries must have been rotten because it tasted like dirt. Tried to drink it, got about 1/4 of it down and had to give the rest to the pigs, they can handle it (did I tell you we raise free-range, natural pork in our little farm? we have these happy, healthy pigs that get treated pretty much like pets, fed healthy food with no antibiotics, steroids, hormones or animal protein, we don't give them shots -unless they get sick, but then we don't sell them as ASH free- and we let them roam around and eat their natural diet as much as they want    :-)           OK, ant then we kill them and eat them, which some people find shocking, and I respect that, but the way we see it, IF we are going to eat meat, we want it to come from animals that were treated with respect (read: "loved") and that are totally healthy to eat, so we raise our own, and we had so many friends ask us to buy some meat that we started doing it commercially -albeit at a very small scale- check out www.sweetsixteenfarm.com if you want to learn more and see photos, oh, and, by the way, we only take them to a great processing place where they treat the hogs KINDLY, and kill them in a way that is painless and instant).

So I went off to work with very little in my belly, boo hoo. After the appointment I was starting to feel my sugar drop so I stopped by a fast food establishment that now sells fruit smoothies (OK fine, it was McDonald's, but I SWEAR I didn't have a single fry) and had a berry one (Lord only knows what the caloric content is!!). Then Loren and I took L2 to the doctor who gave her a clean bill of health, yay! and then made a stop at Rainbow Blossom in St. Matthew's to get some buckwheat to make raw granola and a healthy lunch for the girlie. Loren and I both had a raw, but warm, "tonic" which is a yummy and super charged drink that was also very filling.

On the way home I had a couple of bites of a raw bar I bought to try there, I won't post the brand because I was not crazy about it, maybe it's an acquired taste.

At home I had a small piece of a garlic flax cracker (the home made ones, yum!), and half a glass of a Super Green Juice I made (my first!) with:

3 granny smith apples
2 cups of green, seedless grapes
most of 1 large bag of spinach
and a bit of lime juice

Then I had a salad for dinner with a few raw pepitas and slivered almonds in it.

Ok, I know this is a pretty long winded post (when are they not?) but I should mention two things:
1. Adding to Loren's comment about the BM, I have actually NOT been going to the bathroom as much as I thought I would!! I am actually purposely adding dry fruit and salads to my day in order to help with that. I found that VERY surprising. And

2. A dear friend, whom I hope to visit in June, asked me to add some adsense to my blog so I can save some money for the trip to see her (did I mention she lives in Portugal? she is a TV producer and designer in a show like "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition" and has her own design business, check out her blog at home-styling.blogspot.com). As she put it "every cent counts" so I added it, a bit reluctantly... get it? get it?
Anyway, I WAS reluctant but then right off the bat noticed there were adds for both Groupon and Living Social, both of which I use and LOVE, so I decided it was OK.

But please! if you find the ads annoying or distracting, let me know!

Have a wonderful day tomorrow! I will update my weight and measurements tomorrow night (it will be a week already! wow), please help me by crossing your fingers/praying/visualizing or hoping for some smaller numbers all around!

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