Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Day 21, ENERGY :)

Despite getting maybe, maaaybe 4 hours of sleep last night (again) I had great energy today --without caffeine. The secret?


I hear you saying "duh" and I don't appreciate it!!
(even though you are completely right)

I had a glass of orange juice first thing in the morning (to help my brain turn on with the sugar) then my smoothie for breakfast (late in the morning, I added a bit of protein powder).

Asian Slaw (find in Recipes Page)
For lunch Loren made me cod sashimi (it was better than it sounds actually!), the wasabi was awesome in my sinuses :)  and no, a raw purist would not approve of the soy sauce (they would have Ohsawa Organic Nama Shoyu Unpasteurized Soy Sauce - 10oz) but I made an exception. I also had more Asian Slaw, it's always better the second day and I did not make the mistake of adding Ramen noodles, so no bloating today :)

I drank a lot more water today than probably in the whole last week and the result was sustained energy and a great attitude.

For dinner I had more two fat pineapple slices, dark purple grapes, and for dessert, some slivered almonds. I know, it's not a lot of food, but I don't need more!

Today I literally felt like I had replaced 50-70% of the food I normally eat with water, and replaced the remaining 30-50% with healthy raw stuff and voilá, instant improvement :)

Before I go I want to make a comment about the dream I told you about yesterday. My friend Amanda found some cool notes about dream analysis that really got me thinking. I might address more of it later on but my main thought tonight is this (Amanda's comments are in quotation marks):

"The Devil may also indicate you are dealing with temptations."
Ya think?!

"The Devil is also the personification of ego - it may be time to soften your ego a bit."
Totally agree, but there lies the problem, I'm beating my ego into submission with the diet, but then it has a field day with the blog!!

I'm still pondering that one and wondering if the calling I felt to write this blog was more from my desperate (and very clever) ego than from God.

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