Monday, March 7, 2011

Final countdown!

I feel very guilty that I have not posted a proper post in so many days. Quite a few things have happened and I feel my attitude changing (for the better).

Maybe it was a good thing because for a few days there I went into turbo drive with unhealthy eating. I was eating everything in sight just because I still could. I compared it to going from smoking one pack a day to three packs a day right before quitting cold turkey. ("You might think it is masochistic, but it's actually self-destructive").

Over the weekend we got a lot of food, fresh produce mainly, but also dried fruit, raw nuts and some supplements. Dear friends gave us a very nice vegetable juicer, and we already started trying a few things out (the raw garbanzo hummus ia receiving wide spread acclaim!).

I am definitely still a bit scared of the challenge, but my attitude is a lot more positive and I have been able to focus on the right things, mainly that this is, above all, a spiritual shake up. I have been becoming painfully aware that the changes in self image I've made in the past year (in preparation for being "Fabulous by Forty") gave me a lot of confidence and have brought about a lot of success, BUT they have also been feeding, nurturing, even spoiling my ego, to the point where I am having trouble telling where my desire for self-actualization ends and where my colossal ego begins.

Must not be a coincidence that while I have been making these changes that I saw as real personal growth (and my ego must have regarded as a huge triumph), my body has been "enlarging" and becoming more and more unhealthy. Ironic how my identification with my mind has caused a disconnect from my body, which is more connected to my soul than I ever realized!! (Can you tell I've been listening to Eckhart Tolle's A New Earth in the car?).

I will be starting to post more details about the actual dietary needs and issues during a raw period, as well as recipes we've tried very soon! We found an amazing site I will add to my links "From SAD to Raw" (SAD Standard American Diet). Highly recommend it!

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