Sunday, April 24, 2011

Not So Happy Easter Meals and New Measurements

So in case you didn't read this, last night, shortly after midnight I had a rosemary pita bread with chicken salad (no, of course I didn't make it, I had brought it from a brunch at church) and it went pretty well. I had to burp a few times and I felt a little acid reflux but nothing major.

I was up late getting Easter stuff ready and I also had some pop corn L1 had made (she spices it up wonderfully). I had more than I should have because, at that point, I my judgment was impaired by my staying up so late and my new found freedom. I did stop before I had lost all dignity and I gave some serious thought to the idea of doing a late night fast (promising God that I will go to bed before 11pm for 40 days?).

I thought a lot about a Renegade Saints song, "Deep End" (from the Fear of the Sky CD, seriously one of my favorite CD's of all time).
Here's some band doing a cover of it, the original is much better but I couldn't find it --the link on the CD name will take you to it)

The part I thought about is:
"Never did I commit a sin that I did not love to commit,
always had my reasons for doing it (yes I did),
sometimes out of love, sometimes in hate,
never cuz I just got bored or stayed up too late"

I've always said that I wish this song were true for me, instead most of the sins I've committed in my life (most of them self-destructive to some degree) have been a direct result of simply staying up too late. So, you can bet on the fact that you'll be reading more about this in the days to come (if you're willing to keep reading now that Lent is over, I certainly am willing -and eager- to keep writing!).

But back to food. I went to bed late but feeling well, despite my fears of indigestion and nightmares. In the morning we had espresso with foam and everything! we added a little Frangelico and I even put chocolate shavings on my foam! I had some of the biscotti bites I ordered from Little Lyla's Bakery (delicious!) and even tried the wasabi peas that the Easter Bunny left in some of the eggs (hidden inside the house because of the rain).

No problem, so far so good! yay, took my measurements (I'll get to them in a minute! let me finish!) and went to church feeling great. After the service we went to brunch at a restaurant in the Highlands, I don't want to say the name because I don't want them associated with my bad experience. On the way there we had a conversation that made me upset, but by the time we got a table and I made my way to the omelet bar I thought I was calm enough to eat.

So, I don't know if it was being upset, or the cooked food, or the decaf with cream, but I (or should I blame my liver again?) proceeded to get totally sick very quickly. It reminded me of getting drunk in college, when you're sitting with your friends having fun and not really monitoring how many times you've refilled your beer mug and then getting up to go to the bathroom and your inner dialogue would go something like this:

"OH MY GOD! I am so drunk! Oh Lord, I didn't think I drank that much! I am so dizzy! Am I walking in a straight line? Walk in a straight line... shit! did I just stumble? I hope the bathroom is free, I think I am going to vomit, Oh God please don't let me vomit! not in front of all these cute guys, oh my Lord, I am SO SORRY, I will keep track of how much I drink next time, I promise, I am so sorry, and I feel SO sick, oh God help me, my head feels all buzzy, everything is SO LOUD, am I moving at a normal speed? I am having trouble breathing, why am I having trouble breathing? am I having a drunk heart attack? I can't wait much longer for this chick to get out, HURRY UP, I am going to either pass out or vomit right here, Oh God Help Me PLEEEEASE!"

I am NOT EXAGGERATING, the omelet I have fantasized about for days made me instantly sick. I went outside to get some fresh air (the restaurant was VERY stuffy), but I was afraid of passing out and hitting my head on the sidewalk so I went back in. I went to the bathroom and took off my Spanx, but that didn't help much. I drank cold water and wished I had not finished the omelet (it wasn't that good anyway, I just didn't want to waste food), I laid my head on the table, I breathed in slowly and heavily, and finally decided to go wait in the car. Walking seemed to help a bit and it made me burp a lot, I just felt like crying and my throat hurt (not as in a cold but as in tightness, L2 and I both feel the same thing before and during crying; sometimes it gets so tight it feels like we're choking). In the car I reclined and tried to rest.

Nutella  (Ferrero Nutella - 26.5 Ounces) the Easter Bunny left in my basket (by now you know I had a thing for hazelnuts, did I tell you how AWESOME they are raw?), and now I feel... well, not great.

I feel OK, but I feel bloated, not very clear headed and I have a tight spot in my solar plexus that just won't go away. 47 days ago I would have called this "normal" but now I know better. Tomorrow I am back to raw food, I will consider adding something cooked with dinner (hard boiled eggs? got plenty of those!) but I will proceed with caution.

Alright, now for the measurements from this morning!! (compared to the first set taken and last week's)

March 8th              April 16th      April 24th

Weight    183 lbs    169 lbs          168 lbs (Friday it was 167 :(  what happened?!!)

Bust        39.5"       38.25"          38.5" (probably holding in more breath)

Waist      35.75"     33.25"           32"!!!! (OK, I was really sucking it in, but I always suck it in, so there had to be quite a difference. Right now, that I'm feeling bloated, I get 32.5")

Hips        43"          41.5"            41.5"

Thigh      26.5"       25.25"          25"

So, since I first measured myself on Mardi Gras I have lost 15 lbs., 3.75" from my waist (or 3.25"), 1.5" from my hips, and 1.5" from my thighs. And, according to the tables in The Zone by Barry Sears (The Zone: A Dietary Road Map to Lose Weight Permanently : Reset Your Genetic Code : Prevent Disease : Achieve Maximum Physical Performance) in the last 46 days I have lost...

14.09 lbs of fat!! (13.79 if we use tonight's measurement) so my lean body mass is 118.83 lbs. My body fat percentage went from 34.57 to 29.27! Praise the Lord! and I am back to wearing LOTS of my old pants (not quite all of them yet, but I am on my way!).

Alright, it is 11:15 PM, I wake up at 6AM and this mild digestive discomfort is going to make sleep a bit of a challenge, so I will go to bed now and say a little prayer for you.
Thank you for stopping by (click on an ad please!) and have a wonderful night/day wherever you are.

PS. I am already looking forward to my smoothie in the morning, Alleluia!

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