Sunday, April 10, 2011

Day 33 Sunday and Taxes

Yes, I know, taxes are due this Friday. I am more behind this year than ever, ugh.

I partly blame this diet, I have had no motivation even when my energy level feels fine, which is closely related to the crabbiness of the last week or so. BUT, I got some insight into this and I am very excited into what will be coming....

I had a classmate back in graduate school, a no nonsense, pragmatic, serious sort of mezzo-soprano, who greatly surprised us when she returned from summer vacation 30+ pounds lighter and talking about becoming a massage therapist. To make a long story short she is now an "Intuitive Consultant" and "Spiritual Teacher" and had a very interesting explanation for the crabbiness (FYI, the summer I mentioned she went to a meditation retreat where she was also introduced to raw foodism, thus the weight loss).

This is what she said: "the crabbiness is definitely the diet! :-) "

To which I responded: "THANK YOU for assuring me that the crabbiness is from the diet! I was beginning to think I had found my inner bitch!"

Here is the really interesting part:
"Nope, it's just that as you eat raw, your physical body's vibration shifts. And then anything at the emotional level that's misaligned to that "upgraded" vibration has the opportunity to show up (lucky you). It helps to take baths with a tablespoon of sea salt and a little lavender. Think of all this as emotional body clearing ... unfortunately, you have to feel it to clear it"

Food for thought to say the least.

So, first of all I took a bath. I did not have sea salt, but I had Epsom salt, which I know will at least help clear physical toxins. I had been having this hunch that I should take a bath to help detox but had not listened to it. This added reminder was all I needed.

I was pretty crabby when I took it though, so it was not life changing by any means, but I did feel better afterward (and the whole house smelled like lavender).

Next I asked her (Andrea Hess) if she would be willing to guest blog by answering some more questions about this, and she agreed!

I am very excited about this. I feel like I have been neglecting the spiritual side of this discipline and when I don't I usually neglect to mention it here! So this will be a nice way to inject some of the less tangible, but just as important aspects of this lifestyle.

OK, as far as what I ate today...
Smoothie for breakfast (basic recipe plus a scoop of protein powder)
Gorgeous wraps (courtesy of Loren) for lunch!
Red Romaine, Raw Hummus, cucumber and red pepper slices.
And for dinner, since I was just doing the taxes, I slowly ate my second wrap from lunch and nibbled on some almonds with Wasabi and soy sauce (see Wasabi Soy Walnuts  int the recipe page), dried apples and fresh grapes (not all together!!).
I also had a couple of glasses of white wine (it was the TAXES! c'mon!)

Have a great night and a wonderful week! and if you want to start learning about Andrea's work, here is a plug:

Learn how to use YOUR intuition to create financial abundance in this FREE Video Training with Andrea Hess

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