Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter (it's 12:14AM)

It's not that I stayed up to eat. I was up doing Easter stuff and noticed that midnight was approaching, and kept looking at the clock thinking about it. I thought I would open the box of biscotti I ordered, but I just didn't feel like eating something sweet at the moment.

But then I found, quite by chance, a rosemary pita bread filled with chicken salad (the kind with big grape chunks in it!) that I brought home from the post-Easter-egg-hunt-brunch at church this morning, and that did it!

It was awesome. I stood in front of my the altar I inherited from my grandmother, where I display the painting of the Divine Mercy given to me by my mother, and just sighed a huge thank you to God for the food I was eating and for the growth of the last 46 days.

It was delicious, but now I am a bit scared of how my body will react. I am already burpy and reflux is sure to follow, and, well, it is never I good idea to eat shortly before going to bed.

It's so silly, I knew better! But that's alright, it's been a long 46 days and I can allow myself a minor lapse of impulsiveness now. I will report tomorrow on the effects, and I will update my weight and measurements.  Good night and Happy Easter!

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