Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Day 43, Joy Returns

This will have to be a quick post. I have been busy, efficient, focused, and, most importantly, joyful again.

I credit my acupressure appointment for helping me detox the energetic toxins along with the physical ones, that one hour session made such a difference!

Now I can be tired, or annoyed about something, or even stressed, but underneath it all I am still joyous, happy, and passionate. I had been afraid for a number of days that my new default mood was going to be a weird (and sometimes unpredictable) mix of numb and crabby, now I am breathing a huge sigh of relief because I feel like myself again!

Food wise my body has been begging --no, more like desperately yelling-- for eggs. Sauteed vegetables would be awfully nice too! (I found portobello mushrooms on sale and bought 3 big packs, I am going to "grill the crap out of them" after Easter), tortilla chips are no longer a temptation, but sweet coffees continue to be (although much milder).

I have not craved a piece of bread at all, nor have I felt the need to have rice, potatoes (aside from a french fry weak moment) or most starches. So I plan not to have these items in my menu, except for special occasions.

My weight seems to be holding steady, which is frustrating (I really don't eat big portions!) but I would rather think of it as my body getting used to a new "set point" rather than just plateauing on the weight loss.

As I said, short and sweet, have to get to bed to dream of omelets!

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