Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Day 35, Warm dishes and rebellion

It is 10:14.

I feel a bit guilty because I did not report on my menu yesterday, and I haven't done it today either.

I'm trying to decide if I feel badly enough to actually do it... wow what a boring post!

Today's menu was a mix of boring and convoluted (read: due to lack of planning due to a slight rebelliousness towards having to eat raw, you know, it makes perfect sense right? I wish I could just grab something ready made and pop it in my mouth (you pipe in "like an apple?" and I growl back "shut up!"), but since I can't have cereal or granola bars or tortilla chips *sigh*, I protest by just not eating at all, until I am really hungry so I reach for the dried fruit and/or nuts (you pipe in "you mean the stuff that is just as ready made and ready to be popped into your mouth as an apple?" I shout "I AM GOING TO POP *YOU* IN THE MOUTH!"), and then I realize that I have successfully skipped a meal.

So today I skipped breakfast, or rather, I had about four bites of Loren's sprouted buckwheat with yogurt, honey and blueberries, which he had mixed ahead of time, which made it a lot easier on the jaw, and WARMED UP, which made it comforting. Oh! this was hours after having had another small lukewarm Pepsi (see Day 16) so that I could drive without putting our lives in danger, I was super sleepy so the effects were not as dramatic as the first time.

--Before I forget, I should give you yesterday's menu: Smoothie, Wendy's Baja salad without chili or tortilla chips, with extra guacamole and pico de gallo, a few random nuts and dried fruits as I worked at the computer in the evening (not hungry enough to make it an actual dinner). Notable moment of the day: warm cocoa! Loren has been making a few warm dishes lately and it inspired me to try a warm drink. It was a very cool afternoon after a rainy morning, so I wanted the luxury of a warm drink. I added 2 teaspoons of pure baking cocoa (I am not completely sure but I think it is acceptable) to a mug of almond milk and warmed it up in the microwave oven, just enough to take the chill off. YUM! If you try it I would recommend making it half a mug at a time because it cools off very quickly, so I ended up drinking it faster that I normally would have.

Back to today:
Through the day I nibbled at some homemade trail mix (raw hazelnuts, walnuts and raisins), for lunch I had lettuce wraps with raw hummus, red pepper, cucumber AND guacamole (yum), and around 5pm had an OJ and a small side salad (worse iceberg lettuce EVER) at a local fast food place. After taking L2 to soccer practice (she's slowly getting in shape) I had some spinach leaves with raw hummus warmed in the micro just long enough (10 seconds for a small plate) to say I did and make it "special"...

Funny what deprivation will do to you, lukewarm hummus becomes special and a lukewarm drink is a luxury.

Thank you God for allowing us to create lack in our lives, so that we can learn to truly appreciate the blessings when we allow them back in!

With that I am going to bed, BEFORE ELEVEN, be impressed!

I wish you the best :)

Good Night.

PS. I will be sharing Loren's warm recipes soon, one is a raw curry (using yogurt, so not 100% vegan raw), and the other is a mix of chopped almonds, chili powder and chopped tomatoes, sounds weird but he said it was awesome (I have not tried it yet).

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