Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Days 27 & 28, Why am I crabby all the time?

*deep breath followed by a long sigh*

**(OK Ilse, remember what you posted on Sunday, all that BS stuff about having to be HAPPY all the time... count your blessings dang it!)**

Good News:

1. L2 is still fever free! She went to her first ever soccer practice tonight. She is mouthy, she has an attitude, she demands attention constantly, I am having to yank her chain waaaay back... in other words, MY BABY'S BACK!
2. I have not gained weight (I have not lost any either, I weighed in at 173 again this morning) (I was already too crabby to measure myself too)
3. I got to go earn money at a job.
4. L2 got to have a lymphatic massage.
5. The house did not burn down while we were out.
6. The house did not burn down with us inside.
7. I got to spend a nice night with my girls (thanks to a bit of Silva meditation and a cup of white wine)
8. We finally named my tranny-sounding character (call me Yolanda!)
and, the best part of the day,
9. I got to teach L2 to blow gum bubbles!!

Wow, it really does work, I feel a little better.

OK, now on to the nitty gritty that I hate to get into...
I think this diet is making me crabby. I have been feeling either completely blah (Mendingación Imperial or Agüevación General, as my uncle used to say. Sorry, no good translation) or pretty bitchy most of the time.

I didn't want to blame the diet right away, but, the last few days I have started to contemplate the fact that, despite how much I have been recommending it, this diet might not be a good idea for me long-term.
I could change my mind in a couple of days... (OK this one is auditory, so I'll add my first video, this is my best imitation of those 1950's girl bands)

but right now I think this is not the life-long choice for me. 
I thought I could just be having a bad couple of days, but I consulted with the girls today and they agreed that I have become increasingly impatient and/or upset as Lent has progressed.

So, am I going to quit before Easter? ABSOLUTELY NOT (even though my body called me a few nasty names tonight for not giving it tortilla chips)

Am I going to eat A LOT more raw food after Easter? ABSOLUTELY YES

Do I think this diet has helped me overcome some of my food obsessions (addiction is such a strong word)? MOST DEFINITELY
Am I glad I am doing it? YESSSSSS!

Will I continue to recommend it as a way to detox and get your body more alkaline? MOST DEFINITELY

Will I be glad Easter morning when I can make myself an omelet with lots of grilled mushrooms, red peppers and some of our Sweet Sixteen natural, free-range pork sausage, followed by some of Little Lyla's Bakery's biscotti bites with a cup of Costa Rican coffee? OH HECK YEAH!!

So there you have it, as much as I hate to come across as flaky (despite my amazingly performed song above), I committed to being honest during this process (what's the point of doing the blog otherwise?).

I will hurry up and post this before I change my mind and delete the video. 


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  1. The flake in me salutes the flake in you!