Asian Slaw
Broccoli slaw
Raw slivered almonds
Raw pepitas (pumpkin seeds)
Sprinkle with sesame seed oil and powdered ginger.
Buckwheat GRAWnola
Sprouted Buckwheat
Soak 2 cups of buckwheat for two days (with enough water to cover it and have a bit extra).
Mix with 1/2 to 1cup dehydrated blueberries, raw almonds (previously soaked and chopped) and agave nectar or raw honey for sweetener.
Then dehydrate it in the oven on low and propping the door open, for at least 4 hours or until it feels dry.
(We dehydrate our buckwheat by itself first so we can have it available to add to salads, yogurt, etc)

Or you can leave the buckwheat by itself and mix your GRAWnola each morning, add your favorite raw nuts, raw fruits and yogurt (if you allow yourself a little dairy) or almond milk for a yummy and very filling breakfast!

Ceviche (Loren's recipe)
Any firm fish with a mild flavor (Cod works fine), 1lb cut into bite size pieces.
1 onion chopped small
1 red bell pepper
1 bunch of cilantro
Enough lime juice to cover the rest of the ingredients. Allow to sit in the fridge for at least 4 hours, the citric acid will "cook" the fish, you should see a change in the color and texture.

Gazpacho (thank you to my sister Lil for this)
1 Kg (2.2lbs) tomatoes (for 1 liter of juice)
1 medium red pepper
Put together in blender and then put through a strainer (I made it in the juicer to save some time, but I miss the thickness you get when you do it the right way).
Then put one large cucumber with about 4 garlic cloves in the blender and also through a strainer as you add it to the tomato juice.
Add about a quarter to a half cup of olive oil (how much garlic and olive oil are a matter of preference)
and some ice cold water at serving time. Since mine was not very thick I hardly added any water. Normally you would also add the inside of a small loaf of white bread (no crust), I NEVER follow this step, for me it ruins the soup.

Guacamole (Loren's recipe)
Lettuce Wrap with Guacamole,
Savory Brazil Nuts (and Pepitas),
and Pico de Gallo

3 avocados, very ripe (soft) mashed
Chopped onion, red bell pepper and cilantro (how much depends on how chunky you want it and how much you like each of those ingredients, we use 1/2 an onion, 1/3 of a medium bell pepper and half a bunch of cilantro)
Lots of lime juice (again, to taste).

Marinated Mushrooms
Portobello mushrooms cut into 1/8's
Apple cider vinegar (just a sprinkle, a little goes a long way)
Lots of dehydrated onion flakes
A splash of soy sauce or Nama Shoyu
Dash of salt
Lime juice to taste

Morning Smoothie
1 cup frozen strawberries
1 banana
1 tablespoon fiber
2 tablespoons flax seeds (ground)
1 packet of effervescent vitamin powder (like EmergenC)
3/4 cup yogurt (plain or vanilla)
Water (about a cup, depending on desired thickness)
Mix it all in the blender and done!
(I do recommend washing the blender and cup ASAP, if you let it sit the flax seed will stick to the container)

Pecans with cardamom Pecans, chopped
Agave nectar, enough to coat pecans
Ground cardamom

Pico de Gallo
3 tomatoes cubed
1/4 cup chopped onion
1/4 red bell pepper chopped
1/2 bunch of cilantro chopped
the juice of 3 limes (or more, up to you)
Let it sit for a while before serving, the lime will make the other ingredients much yummier.

Raw Garbanzo Hummus
1 bag of dried garbanzos, washed and left to soak in water for days, then pureed in the food processor (texture will be grainy, not smooth)
1 jar of tahini
4-5 garlic cloves
Olive oil (varies depending on desired consistency and taste)
Lemon juice optional.

Serve on celery sticks or on a lettuce wrap with chopped veggies (cucumber, tomato, bell pepper).

Savory Brazil Nuts and Pepitas
Savory Brazil Nuts
Brazil nuts chopped (you can also add "Pepitas" -raw pumpkin or squash seeds- whole)
Lime Juice
Garlic powder
Chili powder
Dehydrated onion flakes (optional, adds a little sweetness)

Simple Fruit Salad (for one)
One banana sliced
One apple (any kind) cut into bite sized pieces (if not organic also peel)
Chopped raw walnuts
1/3 cup raisins
Mix together with a couple of tablespoons of yogurt or kefir to help it stick together.

Spinach Fruit Salad
Bed of spinach
2 dried mango slices that have soaked in a bit of water overnight
3 fresh strawberries (small)
Pine nuts
Feta cheese
Raspberry vinaigrette
Super Green Juice
3 granny smith apples
2 cups of green, seedless grapes
most of 1 large bag of spinach
and a bit of lime juice
Put all ingredients through your juicer, I scoop out the "left over" pulp and re-juice it several times.

Wasabi Soy Walnuts
Walnuts, chopped (or broken with your fingers, I don't bother to dirty a knife if I can do this)
Soy Sauce (Nama Shoyu if you are a real raw foodie)
Soak the Walnuts in the soy-wasabi mix and ENJOY!