Friday, July 13, 2012

From a new smoothy to honoring my hormones.

Loren, saintly morning person that he is, has been making my coffee every morning and sometimes also my morning smoothy. Today we were out of frozen strawberries, so he made it with frozen blueberries YU-HUM! Definitely recommend trying that variation!

Towards the evening I realized my hormones were trying to get my attention and, since I have a lot to do to prepare for a trip next week, I decided to ignore them and keep plugging away.
Of course I should have known better. I kept finding myself getting sidetracked even more than normal, until I realized I was on Facebook, on an emotional high, re-posting and sharing at a feverish pace, sobbing over every photo and every halfway moving status update, while listening to "Not Over You" on repeat. 

That's when I finally gave myself permission to just be, just feel, just enjoy.
I almost forgot how much better, smoother, and peaceful "that time of the month", as well as ANY time of the month, is when you honor the rhythms of your body.

And yes, I did exercise, that's 10!


  1. I find it oddly comforting that all the women important in my life, near and far, are on the cycle. M