Sunday, June 12, 2011

L2 (my 9 year old) goes RAW

So this week, first full week of summer vacation, L2 and I have been eating about 90-95% raw.

Last week I became convinced, sort of out of the blue (which, to me, simply confirms that it was Divine Inspiration) that she needed to "detox" by eating raw for a week, so I decided we would both do it.

I have not forced to eat ONLY raw, the point here is NOT to make her miserable (I do that in other ways... hehe) but to clean out her system. So I have let her add little things here and there, like ice cream (not necessarily cooked, but it does have processed sugars), tortilla chips or croutons or even some chicken on her salad, etc. But the processed or cooked food has only been about 10% (if that) of her daily intake.

The results were apparent almost immediately (day 2!) and they have been wonderful!
She has been happy, peaceful and almost completely drama free (this is normally our Emo child). Her energy level has been great, she has not been sleeping a lot but doesn't seem to be tired, but mostly, her attitude has been amazing! (Plus other things you would expect: she is eating a lot less, doesn't get hungry often and forgets to drink water because of it, has no cravings, etc).

Today she asked for cereal for breakfast (she's been having a smoothie) and I knew we would be having salads the rest of the day, so I figured it was no big deal. Then after church we stayed for "fellowship" and there she ate some chips and salsa and some cookies and brownies...

yup, you guessed it, by noon she was hungry, crabby and emotional because we went to Tractor Supply and the carry the little plastic animal figures she likes and she wanted to get a rooster to go with her chicken coop but she didn't bring her money because we hadn't told her we were going to the store and she had thought about bringing her money but mommy told her we were not going to the farmer's market so she didn't think there was a reason to bring it and daddy won't pay for the rooster and then let her pay her baaaack!!

Loren and I had to point out to her that this had been the first instance of whining for the entire week! and very obviously on the heels of the "crappy" stuff she had eaten that morning.

Just to make it clear how amazing this is, I should explain that L2 craves structure and we usually have a lot of trouble during vacations unless we create a routine for her. If I just let her sleep in and then have a free-form day of leisure, by noon we have a complete meltdown!! This week we have not seen that at all.

Alleluia! The Raw Diet triumphs again!

Needless to say, we have ALL been eating a lot more raw (75-90%) and collecting more reasons to keep this as our regular eating style.

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